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(30 January 2015) 

Jason Statham's Stunt Double:
 Jace Jeanes
Action Director:  Corey Yuen
Director:  Simon West
Movie Destroyer:  William Goldman

MY HERO—not!
They could have called this movie "The Motherfucking Beatdown" because that was all there was to it. The last big fight was the only thing that saved this movie from being on my Bad list. Watch it for the fighting if you can get through it . . .

They gutted it by not having Nick try to teach Cyrus about fighting, and by not having Cyrus be shot as an act of courage. WTF!? It's not even a Buddy Movie anymore. The coward can't be contrasted with the hero because he's hardly in the movie at all. And speaking of cowards, Milo Ventimiglia's "Danny DeMarco" is a little too cool and Milo does a terrible job at crying but its still funny when he whines.  His performance takes the movie over with all its bluster, contrasted with Statham's introspection. 

I mean, really, did they see the first movie?!

Way to ruin it for me. Jason acting and fighting was great. He's the best (plus Corey Yuen and Jace Jeanes

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