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I'm Helen Gynell, graphic designer, in Miami, and I #standupforstunts (sign the petition).  I'm Bahamian (not American) by birth and citizenship #greencard, and a Radical Feminist (my agenda is to see more physically strong, properly attired women in Action Movies). My dream is to write the roles I want to see.

There is no team for this website (I sometimes get that assumption), it's just me. One old action movie super freak. This website is a work in progress, a labor of love, my hobby. There are many things 'wrong' with it. Mainly all the HMTL I know was deprecated by HTML5, and I am working (my knowledge of code is like crayons) to fix things like videos not loading, things getting outdated, etc. Please feel free to email me anything you notice:

There are probably many things that should be here but aren't (so many more Quotes to add). If your favorite star or movie is not here, again, please email me. Chances are it's a just an oversight on my part.  I always want to hear from anyone who likes/loves Action Movies. I am adding new stuff all the time. The Action Movie Subgenres project is ongoing . . . 

Backstory on Subgenres: I did 4 days of work on making sample pages and comprehensive Action Movie subgenre lists for an Action Movie Freak book deal, but they ended up choosing Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill for the job, so there is no affiliation between this website and the book by the same name. But, I got the idea for the cool subgenres section out of it, and a lot of inspiration about how to expand the site. Being a Graphic Designer, I mocked up my cover based on the Horror Movie Freak version provided. The middle one is mine, their final one is on the right. Glad they went with Stallone!

 Horror Movie Freak book cover   Action Movie Freak book cover


Speaking of Action Movie Lists, used to do an annual Top 100 Action Movies (The AOBG Action 100) inviting lots of Fellow Freaks to participate, this is came in handy for's "100 Best Action Movies of All Time" which I was honored to participate in (some heady company: List of Contributors).  


My greatest pleasure in working on the site is when people send me stuff they want me to watch.  I am as supportive as I can be (I am not wealthy).  I have posted many things and promoted amateur/independent films and short films on social media, etc. I am flattered to be asked to watch, and thrilled to do so. The last thing I attended was Year 3 of the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival in L.A. April 20-23, 2017.

I spend my free time working on the site, watching Action Movies, reading about Action Movies, or talking about Action Movies on facebook with some super nice and incredibly talented stunt people, ActionFest fans, TIFF film lovers, and real-deal writers, directors, and Fellow Freaks.

I have fun with Photoshop . . .

PAYBACK action movie magazine "Celebrating the emergence of WOMEN in ACTION MOVIES"
I started an Action Movie mini magazine that I never have time to work on . . . but hope to get back to.

    Payback action movie magazine issue 1 April 2014      Payback action movie magazine issue 2 June 2014      Payback action movie magazine issue 3 October 2014


I'd like to see Stuntmen, Stunt Coordinators, Fight Coordinators, and Second Unit Directors get the Oscar recognition they deserve!  I wish that ALL Action Movies had outtakes, and, that they showed who did the stunts (with real footage) at the end of the movies showing the Stuntman(woman) and their names.

I wish I this website a Search feature.  I wish I had more time for the Action Movie Calendar.  I wish I didn't have to work and could work on the site full time. I do not make money off the site.


The mini 'ads' you see in the footer are free, and are just things I like, like the Artemis Film Festival, or relatives.


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  • Gears of War, already! Zoe Bell as Anya
  • Female Superheros not scantily clad
  • Female Expendables/Predator, also not scantily clad, also really NOT typically female, and with very big muscles
  • "Outland" with genders reversed
  • Blade Runner prequels
  • Female Buddy Cop movie where they are not dumb or funny
  • Full Metal Bitch from Rita's side
  • James Bond Academy movie (not like Kingsman)
  • Female Bond as main character, men as "meaningless pursuits"