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Artemis women in action Film Festival 2015
April 24-26, 2015  |  Pasadena, CA  

YEAR ONE:  I heard about the inaugural festival and wrote about it:  "First-ever FEMALE Action Heroes Film Festival: Artemis WOMEN IN ACTION Film Festival"  I really wished I could have been there!

The ARTEMIS Women in Action Film Festival: "A celebration of action films and the women who kick ass in them", was started in 2015 by Artemis Motion Pictures.  From their website:  "Artemis Motion Pictures announces the first-ever film festival dedicated to honoring:

- Female-Driven Action Films

- The Men and Women who Pioneered them

- Those who Contributed to the Success of the Genre

- The Undiscovered Talent of the Future

From their introductory letter (shown below), they are spot on in what women need to do to further the cause of all females:

  • How women are portrayed in films affects how women view themselves and the world.

  • Female heroes are a talisman for a more shining ideal of the roles possible to women.

  • Until women are seen as physically equal to men, they will always be seen as less. [AMEN!]

  • Celebrating images of physically empowered women is our intent, our ethos, and guiding philosophy in creating the festival.

  [downloadable 2015 Program / .jpgs below:]