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Artemis 2016 2015



The Artemis WOMEN IN ACTION Film Festival
Pasadena, CA  |  Year 2 Festival Dates: April 22-24, 2016


The ARTEMIS Women in Action Film Festival is a celebration of Action Movies and the women who kick ass in them. They are currently running an indiegogo kickstarter you can contribute to (until March 25th) . . .

The Festival takes place at the Arhya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, CA, from Friday, April 22 to Sunday, April 24, 2016.

The Women Kick Ass Project 2 from Artemis on Vimeo.


Started in 2015 by Artemis Motion Pictures Melanie WIse, it is the first-ever film festival dedicated to honoring female-driven action films, the men and women who pioneered them, those who contributed to the success of the genre, and the undiscovered talent of the future.

"Artemis Motion Pictures is:

  • A revolution and a production company.

  • Bold and innovative, we are female action adventure projects.

  • We will redefine female heroes.

  • Whether film, TV, cable or streaming, the female action genre is popular and profitable. In the past year (2015), female heroes on the big screen have grossed over $3 billion dollars."

"If you've always dreamed of seeing all ass-kicking women in movies in one place and at one time, then you've found a little slice of heaven! If you want to see more amazons, ass-kickers, and tough chicks, then welcome home!"


The Festival has 3 Co-Founders:  Melanie Wise, Zac Baldwin, and Sean Newcombe.