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"Who the hell else is gonna do it?  You?"

(15 March 1996)   Director: Stuart Baird 
2h 13m  action adventure thriller

Written by the writers of Predator, brothers Jim Thomas and John Thomas (who also have a credit here as Producers), it was a big surprise <<SPOILER>> that the "big dog" Steven Seagal wasn't in this movie for very long.  So if you're looking for the typical Trash-Talking Seagal beatdown, this is not it.

This movie is all about Kurt Russell (his is the only above-the-line credit). Halle Berry does a great job at stealing the show, though, and John Leguizamo is as entertaining as always.

The head villain in this movie is played by David Suchet (his lovable portrayal of Agatha Christie's sleuth Hercule Poirot is the polar opposite of this 'terrorist'). He and Halle Berry's character "Jean" have a moment in the movie that is pivotal. The acting is top-notch for any genre. Rounding out the cast is Oliver Platt, Andreas Katsulas (also the bad guy in Someone to Watch Over Me), Joe Morton, J.T. Walsh, Len Cariou, The-Rock-nerve-gas-victim (and Action Movie Freak Whiner list member) Ingo Neuhaus (a former Army Ranger in real life), and, in her 15 minutes of fame, Marla Maples Trump, plus even more . . .

As Action Movies go, this is a by-the-numbers winner, and it's a classic. It opens with lots of blood and violence, features skilled Super Soliders  (a "counterstrike terrorism team") with the accompanying themes of Camaraderie and Dominance, and as it's a hijacking situation, falls under the Action Movie subgenre:  Heist.  They are, in essence, trying to hijack the hijackers. [The flight is an Oceanic Airlines flight, a fictitious company name used in many movies, and most recognizably in the TV Show Lost, but this movie was the first.]  The Super Soldiers include B.D. Wong, best known as "Dr. Henry Wu" from Law & Order: SVU. The character he played in Jurassic World was also named Dr. Henry Wu, and he will be returning for the sequel.)


The movie's opening scene sets up Seagal as the Bad Ass Action Figure he usually is, and show what his soldiers are capable of. Also, they lose a man and do not achieve their goal of recovering the Nerve Toxin DZ-5.

Kurt Russell first appears flying a plane and ends up flying a plane. Love movies that features that symmetry. Also, this movie has a great theme music! The tag line is . . .

"High-flying excitement. Fasten your seatbelt."


So, what's at stake?  Let's hear about it in that classic Action-Movie-announcer voice in this awesome trailer:







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