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Nightmares in Babysitting



(12 June 2015) 

Writer/Director: Colin Trevorrow

Writers:  Colin Trevorrow, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Derek Connolly

To say that the audience was excited beforehand is an understatement. They clapped after the IMAX effects intro. They also clapped once during the movie, and then at the end. It's always the sign of a really good movie when the audience claps after. Even though you could see it coming, the big moment in this movie still delivered, and audiences, myself included, left the theater  completely satisfied. It was "awesome". I haven't felt this happy after a movie since T3.

From the opening fade to white where they show such incredible movie magic detail in the two sibling baby dinosaurs hatching from their eggs, to the beauty of Isla Nublar and scope of the theme park, the whole look of the movie is awesome.  I am sure I will just have to keep repeating "awesome" over and over.

The movie is its own animal, even if it's created on the DNA of the past movies. DNA splicing is the theme of the new horror, named "Indominus Rex"—It wasn't quite as big as I expected but it is shit-your-pants scary.

Although Jeff Goldblum's wisecracking is absent, they get a few in: "We have the best structural engineers in the world." "So did Hammond."  From the moment you see that they are keeping this new creation in a "paddock" you know they've learned nothing. Someone mutters "Maybe progress should lose for once."  Christ Pratt is the man in this movie. There's a payoff for him controlling the raptors. He sells that surprisingly well as far as the suspension of disbelief goes. They do a little Jaws-ish reveal tease as we see more and more of the Indominus as the movie goes along.  We are also shown the bad side of animals-as-amusements (the old mistakes) and it's just so clear how wrong Sea World is. The funny thing here is that we still enjoy the spectacle. These aren't captured creatures. They're created. It doesn't make it any more wrong is the message of the movie, but thankfully, we don't care because it is just a movie and we can enjoy them feeding a shark to a dinosaur. I mean, come on! You know you've been waiting for that movie moment all your life.  And there's plenty more to come.


"They're dinosaurs. Wow enough."
But they don't stop there. Not by a long shot. You're filled with the same kind of amazement that you were when you saw the first movie. All those years (pre-1993) we wanted to see believable dinosaurs (not stop motion or lizards as 'models').  It's still a wow! Not only are the dinosaurs incredibly real looking and super detailed. The obligatory running with them, running from them, driving with them, driving from them, canoeing with them, training them, all these things still take your breath away. They do a really good job of showing the scope of the island attraction, fleshing out the details, and making a really cool looking theme-park experience of the future.  And the real monsters are still the greedy, evil corporate lackeys and soldiers having a say in the outcome.


Like "Skynet", the name "InGen" strikes fear that things have gone badly. When they're involved, everything will go wrong. They bring in a group of "ACU" soldiers to combat the Indominus but they underestimate it and are all killed. We are treated to an Aliens-style monitoring system as they all flat line. "These people, they never learn." We never get to know this Super Soldier unit at all. They're sent in with "non lethals". Greed being the motivating factor here in not killing the Indominus. The reason for creating him "If I don't innovate, somebody else will." The inevitability of evil is a great excuse. "Monster is a relative term." So is innovation.

The biggest surprise to me is just how much I enjoyed going back to the 'same' experience. The music, the adventure, the animals, it all still has a sense of wonder. This comes crashing down when Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard was better than Wonder Woman in this role) suddenly realizes her nephews are out in the field, in danger, under the care of a babysitter.


I didn't watch the trailer because I really wanted to see everything for the first time in the movie. I had no idea they were visiting their Aunt, or that a woman would be running the park, or that the kids would be foisted off with a 'babysitter'. It definitely didn't occur to me that the babysitter would meet such an untimely end. They have some fun with it. While I was watching I thought this is too intense for kids, but the audience had tons of kids, from age 6 or 7 up (a few that looked 4) and they LOVED it! "The best movie in the whole wide world" was heard on the way out. They were all hoping to get to watch it again.


When Chris Pratt holds a gun and you see how big the Indominus is, the gun looks really small.  The futility of machines versus these forces of nature is part of what makes these movies so good. When they visit the old showroom ("When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth" you know, that one), it's a shambles. Can it really be 22 years since Jurassic Park?! What can they possibly do to top this? I'd love to see a movie about the InGen soldiers (get to know them before they get killed off). Maybe a last stand, who-dies-next, Super Soldier movie à la Aliens.

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth


The evil men that InGen brings in—men who like killing animals—are about as big a message against that kind of person as you can get. It all builds up to the moment when they let the raptors out to chase Indominus . . .  and you forgot just how fast the raptors were supposed to be. Owen (Chris Pratt) has dinosaur-sized balls as he joins the raptors on the chase on a motorcycle. That's right.

Chris Pratt as Owen in Jurassic World rides with the raptors  Jurassic World parody with raptors riding motorcycles


Have you seen the hilarious parody "Raptor Bros"? And then . . . "Watch your 6: Raptors got a new Alpha." They do a lot of the awesome Jurassic Park things we love: breaking into deserted places, improvising with what's at hand, using old vehicles, using your smarts, cool new vehicles, making a run for it, getting eaten, hiding, being found, outsmarting the animals, not oustsmarting the animals, not heeding the warning, not being adequately prepared, the big eye staring at you, the smelling, and having a T-Rex chasing you. That scene was great. As big as Owen's balls were and as manly as he was, Claire holds her own. She's brave and tough as hell. She keeps her high heels on (not too high), and runs in them like a bawse. Really, if you were going to bait a T Rex, wouldn't you rather be barefoot than risk running in heels?  But I can't complain. I ate it up. Good thing the T-Rex didn't. 


This movie will probably break box office records. Everything in it is great down to the sound effects. Kudos to the Sound Department. When the raptor slips and hits the marble floor, it's just the right amount of wet and squishy but heavy. The movie is quality all the way. Summer Action Adventure just the way we like it.

Spielberg says it best:  "To see Jurassic World come to life is like seeing Jurassic Park come true." Now bring on Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones!




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